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Silverfish infestations are very common. Belair is just another suburb where you can easily find a house infested by silverfish. Due to their amazing ability to thrive in any weather conditions, they can set up large colonies easily, that too very soon. As a matter of fact, silverfish cause a lot of damage to your property. It normally feeds on starchy items such as papers, clothes, books, etc. If you come across silverfish infestation at any time in your house, make sure you inform silverfish exterminators. 

Our silverfish pest controllers at Pest Control Belair are one of the best pest exterminators in this industry. They have a lot of experience in silverfish control and they know very well how to get rid of them. We provide top-class silverfish control services. So, hurry up and book with us now.

Silverfish Control Belair

The types of silverfish found in your house

There are about 50 species of silverfish that are found in Australia itself. But still, studies say that there are hundreds of species that have been discovered but are yet to be named. Here are some common types of silverfish found in your house:

  • Common silverfish: These common silverfish are mostly found in moist and damp areas such as kitchens or basements. They are not more than 1 inch long and are mostly nocturnal.
  • Grey silverfish: Similar to their names, grey silverfish are grey in colour. They are mostly found in enclosed places like bathrooms, basements, pipes, and so on.
  • Firebrat silverfish: Firebrat silverfish are yellow in colour and mostly found in places with hot temperatures. They are called firebrats because they can survive in fireplaces, furnaces, etc where the temperature is above 90℃.
  • Jumping bristletail silverfish: These jumping bristletail silverfish are not usually found indoors but can be found around your house. They are mostly silver in colour.
  • Four-lined silverfish: According to their name, these silverfish have 3 to 4 lines on their stomach. They usually prefer to be in rooftops or backyards and are the longest of all the silverfishes. 

Silverfish control services provided by our professionals

We at Pest Control Belair offer various silverfish control services. There are a variety of services that our agency offers to the customers, these are:

  • Silverfish inspection and removal- Silverfish inspection and removal are very important. Inspection of the silverfish helps to understand how and the infestation is and also helps in effective removal.  
  • Domestic silverfish control-  Our professional pest controllers offer amazing home silverfish control services. They are the best to provide domestic silverfish control services.  
  • Restaurant silverfish control- Silverfish control can also be required for restaurants. Restaurants can also face silverfish problems. So, hire us and get rid of silverfish from your restaurants. 
  • Pre-purchase silverfish inspection- Always opt for silverfish control before moving into a new place. Pre-purchase silverfish inspection will help you keep your surroundings safe and prevent silverfish at your place.   
  • Emergency silverfish control services- There might be situations where silverfish infestation can become a huge problem. In such cases, we provide emergency silverfish control services. 
  • Same day silverfish control- If you need immediate silverfish control services, hire our professionals. We provide same-day silverfish control services in all the areas quickly. 

Timely available silverfish control services in Belair

Silverfish control is a very difficult task, it cannot be done on your own. This problem can become worse if the population of the silverfish increases. You can hire our professional silverfish exterminators who offer timely silverfish control services in Belair. Silverfish control services should be provided on time to avoid further problems. Hence, we reach your place quickly and offer timely pest extermination services.

Reasons for hiring us for silverfish control services

Hire us to tackle any kind of silverfish problem. We are a very reputed agency in Belair offering excellent silverfish extermination services. As compared to other agencies, all our silverfish control services are high quality and reliable. Besides these, there are many reasons for hiring us as follows:

  • Professional services offered all over Belair
  • Quality workmanship showed by our staff of professionals
  • Reasonable prices as compared to other agencies
  • Customer satisfaction as for us our customers are our top priority


How to get rid of silverfish from my home?

Use a dehumidifier to keep your house less moist especially in nooks and corners. Seal away the cracks and spray citrus, lavender, cinnamon scents to get rid of silverfish. 

Can silverfish bite you?

No, silverfish are not known for biting. Also, there is no research that says silverfish are poisonous. So, even if you feel like they bite you, you are safe. 

Are silverfish dangerous for your health?

Silverfish do harm to your property such as books and clothes but they are not harmful to human health. As they do not carry or spread any kind of diseases. 

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